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Revolutionary Solar Cell

An unparalleled breakthrough in renewable energy 

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Unleashing Solar Potential through a Novel Nano-Crystal Architecture Approach to Thin Film Design. 


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Our Technology

New architecture for a NanoCrystal based solar cell

We redefined NanoCrystals PV architecture, fully utilizing NanoCrystals inherent advantages for solar cell efficiency.

Unlocking the Full Potential of NanoCrystals: Arbell Energy's Revolutionary PV Architecture Redefines Solar Cell Efficiency.


We have successfully developed ultra-thin structures!


As far as we are aware

Our technology now holds the record for the highest current density for this thickness achieved in the world. 

Our New and amazing solar cell

Light, Flexible, Semi transparent & Cost efficient! 

Our LEN tech based solar cells are substantially lighter than the existing alternatives. Together with increased efficiency, this will enable previously unexplored applications for light weight, high efficiency solar cells.

With simple manufacturing techniques and materials, costs can be significantly reduced.

Arbell Energy’s LEN tech design allows for curved surface implementation, in contrast to existing crystalline silicon’s rigid cell design. 

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Greatly Improved 

Solar Cell Efficiency

50% and beyond

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Lightweight Cell

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Flexible Cell Architecture

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Low Manufacturing Costs

Greatly Improved Solar Cell Efficiency >> 50% and beyond


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Winner of the Honda Xcelerator Ventures - 2050 Vision Challenge Competition! 

The competition took place during EcoMotion Week 2023 and was open to solutions in carbon neutrality and advanced safety technologies.


Our Team

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